Winning teams for small business owners

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By Philippa Kennealy, MD, MPH, CPCC

Kids’ leagues and amateurs can get away with dad coaches and ringside advice, but no self-respecting professional will try to go it alone in the quest for gold — correct?

Likewise, no matter how independently-minded physician entrepreneurs may be, they need a good team behind them for any serious business venture.

Even if you are determined to be a micro-practice with no staff, or a one-person consulting gig, you’ll still need a support team to provide the business expertise that no single human being can possess.

Here then are some suggestions for whom to invite to play on your winning team:

1. A supportive significant other or family member. Entrepreneurship is tough enough, but attempting to start and run a business venture without the emotional, and sometimes financial, support of family or close friends makes the effort seem monumental. Find yourself at least one raving fan — someone who will cheer you on from the sidelines when you’re cramping up and ready to run from the field.

2. A business attorney. The mistake many early entrepreneurs make is to turn to Aunt Sally, the one family member…

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