The Traditional Nurse Practice Act

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As nurses and professional healthcare providers, we are subject to the laws and regulations established by the board of nursing and nurse practice act in the state or province in which we work.
The regulations in each state define the scope of practice for the various levels of licensed nurses. The regulations are designed to ensure the public’s safety.
Since the days of Nightingale, nursing practice has expanded dramatically. The technological exposition, explosion, greater autonomy for nurses, increased demand for cost containment, and better educated patients who have higher expectations in the quality of the healthcare services they receive, have contributed to the expansion.
Nurses now find themselves in roles that have more responsibilities, and they are being held accountable for the actions or lack of actions. As a direct result, more nurses are being named defendants in malpractice lawsuits.
This continuing education offering will provide an overview of the major concepts that are used to define nurses’ legal responsibilities, discussions of the nurse practice act, the standards of care and how they may be used as evidence during malpractice litigation.

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