Texas AG sues nursing home over standards

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The Texas attorney general, Gregg Abbott, filed a lawsuit against Brookhaven Nursing Center near Dallas for its alleged failure to maintain health and safety standards required by state law, according to an online story by Star Community Newspapers, Aug. 11, 2008.
The suit claims that the home failed to implement backup safety and emergency response measures and protocols after a power failure in April, according to the article.
The article said a resident who had been on a breathing machine was found dead at 7 a.m. Electrical power had been off since a 3 a.m. thunderstorm passed through the area.
According to the article, a nurse had seen the decedent flailing around in bed, but that the nurse just assumed the resident was uncomfortable due to a loss of air conditioning. The article said the nurse did not check on the patient.
The AG is seeking $20,000 for each violation, and compliance with state law.

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