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The goal of “Ask Pat Bemis” is to answer your self-employment and small business questions. The thrust of the column is to provide reliable and trustworthy information about starting, operating, growing and exiting a small business or self-employment venture. Whether you are a nurse, an attorney or have a retail business, the small general business concepts apply. Essentially, you want to sell your service or product at a profit. Short term you want  to keep the product and administrative costs low and your profit high as you grow your business. Long term your goal is to exit your business according to your personal exit plan (selling, turning over to family or employees, or closing the business).

I am Pat Bemis, president of the National Nurses in Business Association. I speak nationally on business issues and am a presenter of business topics for the Florida Small Business Development Center Network, Brevard Community College , andUniversity of Central Florida . I also currently serve as a national resource on a toll-free help line and online at My published works include books on self-employment, business plans, contracts, and others business topics in various media including books and CD-ROMs.

Feel free to ask any question. For example: How do I decide if I should be an LLC or a corporation? How do I file my business records so I can find them again quickly and easily? Do I need to hire a graphic designer to make my logo? Should I hire a marketer? What insurance do I need for a home office? What is a virtual assistant? Should I use direct mail to advertise my business?

Here are some business and self employment topics to get you started:

• Accounting

• Action plan

• Advertising

• Archiving records

• Bookkeeping

• Business lingo

• Business plan

• Contracts

• Endorsements

• Entrepreneurial barriers

• Insurance

• IRS rules for independent contractors

• Legal structure

• Business names and logos

• Online resources

• Press releases

• Publicity

• Resources in your community

• Speaking for publicity

• Testimonials

• Web sites

Questions should be submitted by email to Please include your full name, contact information, and your type of business. All questions must be received before the 15th of the preceding month to be considered for publication. If the question is not published, I will make every attempt to respond to each question.

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