September/October 2007

Elderly face daily care issues; “I was blessed” 

By E. Patrick Moores, Esq.

Part 2: Nursing standards, their history and significance

Doctors, too, suffer in the aftermath of mistakes

Chamber rips new “justice” name of some lawyer groups

Medicare: No more money for preventable errors

By Dan Clifford, publisher

Hospital countersues plaintiff attorneys who sued it; deficiency of experts and causation at core

Enigmatic nurse consultant site begs questions, answers few

Verdicts & Settlements

Cases compiled;

Editorials by Rose Clifford, editor

Ask Pat Bemis

Book reviews

Catching the chain: Corrections healthcare, litigation, grow

 The Gist: Healthcare for the incarcerated population is an emerging field.

By Jane Grametbaur, RN, CCHP, CLNC

Heart transplant patient has a complaint: he’s heartless

Cell phones can nail ’em

Focus on: unstable angina and non-ST-elevation MIs

Pam Hollsten, RN, BSN, LNCC

Sermo — why you don’t run into your doctor at the golf club anymore…

• The Gist: Are there ethical or privacy issues when medical people kiss and tell, for money, on the web?

By Dr. Rosemary E. McGeady, Esq.

Focus on: Life care plan as a research project

By Dorajane Apuna, BSN, MA, RN, CCM, CNLCP

Deficit Reduction Act: more emphasis on compliance at the state level

• The Gist: The Deficit Reduction Act now shifts federal enforcement focus to Medicaid.

By Angela L. Tobias, RN, BSN, MSHSA, LNCC 

Nurses walk off jobs over patient safety concerns, pay, then sued

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