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• Many nursing home patients are not appropriately assessed for fall risk.


• The CMS adopted new guidelines for the prevention of pressure sores in Nov. 2004.


• At the recent National Council on Aging meeting, the theme focused on the aging of baby boomers and how the healthcare system is unprepared for a surge in the number of elderly. Long distance sensing and monitoring with the help of computers may lessen caregivers’ workloads.

— The Philadelphia Enquirer

• About 50 million Americans care for an elderly adult, and by 2030, 20 percent of all Americans will be over 65.

— Family Caregiver Alliance

• Medical directors of nursing homes make excellent expert witnesses in nursing home cases.


• Chemical or physical restraints may not be used for purposes of staff convenience or as a discipline tactic if a patient’s medical condition does not warrant such restraints.

— Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter

• In a voluntary survey of nurses, 10 percent said that they did not routinely assess patients for pressure ulcers. The cost of managing pressure ulcers ranges from $1.335 billion to $8.5 billion per year.

— RN

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