New approach to juries

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The 7th Circuit Bar Association recently released the results of a three-year study of 50 civil trials that tested seven new concepts of jury strategy. The survey was reported in The National Law Journal of Sept. 29.
The new concepts tested, according to the article, were 1) allowing juries to ask questions of witnesses (in writing), 2) limiting presentations by lawyers, 3) giving jurors instructions before evidence was presented, 4) always using 12 jurors, 5) permitting lawyers to make statements to jurors between witness testimony during the evidentiary part of the trial, 6) using questionaires from jurors in the selection (voir dire) process, and 7) giving jurors guidance about how to deliberate.
According to the article, both jurors and judges were more satisfied with the trial process, and said it was fairer. Jurors said they felt better informed.
The survey can be found

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