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WordPress: It’s About Time

You may think of WordPress as something that is used by people looking to write a blog. You would be right. The truth is that WordPress is the number one tool for bloggers. It is ALSO a fantastic way that YOU can create your own website and be completely in charge of it.

Who can make the changes in your WordPress site? YOU can! That’s right! Even if you don’t have experience with websites. You do not need a web developer who is not available when you need help, or someone to write code. YOU can make changes whenever you want or need to make a change.

Also, you can CREATE a site. Who knows better what to go onto a website than YOU! There is no need for a middle man to charge you a lot of money when it won’t be right the first time. You can create it (and other sites if you want).

Some changes are so easy to make, your web person doesn’t want you to know just how simple it is because you will find out how easy it is! Here is a big secret… Setting up a website only takes a few MINUTES to create. That is right. Just minutes! And to make changes sometimes only takes SECONDS!

Join us for our WordPress course, starting next week: Tuesday night, October 9. Get details at

Take the Blogging Minicourse only

Are you thinking, “But I already have a website?” Does this describe you?

  • You have a website but have not changed it in weeks, if not months.
  • You read other people’s blogs and wonder how they make it look so effortless. Your blog could use a boost.
  • You blog when you think about it, which is not very often, and see it as a challenge.

Blogging is a way to demonstrate your knowledge of a subject of interest to your visitors. Once you clearly define your target market, your blog enables you to share new insights, stories, news, advice, tips and other helpful details. A blog has become a way to talk about the things that you are interested in and the services you offer. Use your blog to provide fresh content to help with your website’s search engine ranking. 

Websites tend to be static, whereas a blog can be changed as often as you like. Some people blog daily; others blog 2-3 times a week or less. Search engines thrive on fresh information. A blog that contains strategically placed keywords in the blog title and body helps draw search engine attention and business.

Other people in your niche will read your blog, share your ideas, and link to your blog. This will help to spread your ideas far beyond your close circles. Your quality content will travel through the social media world and gain you more visitors. It all starts with a blog post!

Blogging Minicourse

Boost your blog and website with three power packed hours on blogging.  October 23, 2012 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern

In this two hour session, you will learn:

  • Three critical stages in blog development
  • The essentials of identifying your target audience and topic
  • Secrets of successful blogging
  • How to create a continuous stream of blog posts
  • Popular post formats your readers will love
  • How to create vlogs and blooks
  • Secrets of compelling blog posts
  • To create a list using enticements
  • How to overcome barriers to blogging

October 25, 9:00-10:00 PM Eastern: Blogging Questions and Answers:

In this follow up session, ask your burning questions about blogging. Get individualized help for your questions.

Presenter: Patricia Iyer MSN RN LNCC maintains 3 blogs and has written over 500 blog posts in the last 3 years. She will take you by the hand to bring new life to your website. Invest in your website and your blog by attending this minicourse on blogging.

Can’t join us on these dates? Get the replay of the sessions and watch the webinars at your convenience.

Price: We would normally charge $141 for a three hour minicourse. You’ll get the 2 hours on blogging and the 1 hour question and answer session for only $79 for all three hours. Sign up at 

All the best,
Pat Iyer

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