Florida plans to get tough on Medicaid fraud

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Florida aims to toughen up on Medicaid fraud with respect to home health agencies.
The state legislature is expected to pass a bill (No. 1986) that increases standards on providers, increases penalties and that allows for web posting of the names of sanctioned and terminated Medicaid providers, according to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.
Medicaid fraud reporting also will be encouraged by offering monetary rewards and by giving civil immunity for people who report suspected fraud.
The bill specifically targets the Miami-Dade County area.
Holly Benson, of the Florida AHCA, alluded in an e-newsletter to the problem of fraud in home health agencies there. She said providers are constantly finding creative ways to “get rich” off the Medicaid program and added: “They bill for services they don’t render, they provide more services than are prescribed, they bill for more hours than there are in a day.”

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