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No business owner can afford to not have a website. If you are serious about reaching your target market, you need a professional appearing and easy to maintain website. WordPress is an easy to use, customizable website platform that is rapidly becoming the top choice of business owners.


WordPress is an easy to use, customizable website platform that is rapidly becoming the top choice of people who want easy to maintain websites.


Most non-WordPress websites need a webmaster to make changes. Does it make sense to pay someone $100/hour to copy and paste the wording of some text? Once your WordPress site is set up, you as the owner can maintain it without having to contact a webmaster and pay hourly fees to make simple changes.


Here is a big secret… Setting up a website only takes a few MINUTES to create. That is right. Just minutes! And to make changes sometimes only takes SECONDS!


Who can make the changes in your WordPress site? YOU can! That’s right! Even if you don’t have experience with websites. You do not need a web developer who is not available when you need help, or someone to write code. YOU can make changes whenever you want or need to make a change.


Also, you can CREATE a site. Who knows better what to go onto a website than YOU! There is no need for a middle man to charge you a lot of money when it won’t be right the first time. You can create it (and other sites if you want).


Some changes are so easy to make, your web person doesn’t want you to know just how simple it is because you will find out how easy it is!

This course is for you if you own a website in a platform other than WordPress, if you pay a webmaster to make changes for you, or if you do not have a website, and you know how to use a word processor like Microsoft Word.


In this course you will learn how to:

  • Identify keywords you should include in your website name
  • Select the right hosting company for you
  • Select your theme and plug ins
  • Learn the ins and outs of the WordPress framework
  • Determine why and how to entice people to join your list of followers
  • Set up an engaging blog
  • Drive traffic to your site

Format and Schedule

Learning is spread out over four 2 hour sessions with opportunities to apply what you are learning in between sessions.  Our three additional hours of questions and answers will give you an opportunity to clarify points, get more individualized attention, and help you move forward.  Visit  for a more detailed schedule.


Can’t make all the sessions? All sessions will be recorded and transcribed. Your registration fee includes the live programs, question and answer sessions, replay links of the live programs and question and answer sessions, and transcripts of each session. You will be able to go back, review, and study the steps you will follow to create and maintain a professional WordPress site. 


Visit  for all the details. The Early Bird Special price of $277 ends Monday, September 24, 2012 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time!

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