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Question: How much should I charge as a nurse expert witness? How should I format the fee schedule?

Answer: I recently updated my fee schedule for 2007. I wrote it in Word® and saved it as a portable file document (PDF). The PDF format is perfect because it can’t be tampered with and the document can be opened on all computers regardless of the operating system or programs installed.

I placed my photo in the left upper corner of the fee schedule. This work is personal. You are selling yourself. Photos are important. Make sure it is current.

I use the word advance (advance payment against future bills) instead of using the word retainer for my expert witness fee schedule. Somehow, it makes me feel more like an advocate. I also ask for another advance payment when the first runs out.

My fee schedule is below. The fees are current. Feel free to copy it and put in your own information. I will be happy to e-mail the Word document to you. E-mail me at to request it. 

Good luck, Pat

Patricia Ann Bemis, RN CEN
PO Box 561081
Rockledge, FL 32956-1081
Phone: (321) 633-4610



• One hundred twenty-five dollars ($125) per hour.

• This includes review, analysis and summary of
documents, conference, plus related expenses.


• Two hundred fifty dollars ($250) per hour (portal to portal), plus expenses.

• Includes standby, on call, or any other definition for deposition, trial testimony and conferences.

• Minimum four (4) hours.

• Payment is due 7 days (local) or 14 days (out-of-state) before testimony and is non-refundable.


• Local: Less than seven (7) days notice will be billed four (4) hour minimum.

• Out of state: Less than fourteen (14) days notice will be billed four (4) hour minimum plus airfare or related fees that cannot be cancelled with reimbursement. 


• Rush service is defined as less than seventy-two (72) hours.

• Record review fee is one hundred and seventy-five dollars ($175) per hour.

• Literature or research fee is one hundred dollars ($100) per hour.

• Deposition or trial fee is an additional $1,000 per day.


• A five hundred dollar ($500) minimum advance per case is to be sent with the medical records. This will be applied to the balance and any unused portion will be promptly refunded.

• Invoices are due upon receipt, unless previous arrangements have been made. If unpaid after thirty (30) days of invoice date, interest will accrue at a rate of two percent (2%) per month. Invoices remaining unpaid after ninety (90) days will be automatically turned over to collections with an additional thirty percent (30%) surcharge. 


• National Nurses in Business Association, Inc.

• EIN #xx-xxxxxxx

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