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“Where Law and Medicine Meet”

The Medical-Legal News informs medical professionals of legal trends, and attorneys of medical trends, where these trends intertwine among the two professions.

Harry Breece

Harry Breece
Editor and Publisher
(804) 839-1217

The Medical-Legal News is not engaged in rendering medical, legal, financial or any other type of formal advice and assumes no advisory relationship with the reader. First person columns, essays and letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the views of The Medical-Legal News.

The Medical-Legal News is published bi-monthly, six times a year. Subscription is $118.50 annually.

The Medical-Legal News (ISSN 1936-1254) is owned by Breece Consulting, LLC.

Address changes to The Medical-Legal News, c/o Breece Consulting, LLC, 2516 Eagles View Court, Richmond, VA 23233.

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