5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog

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A blog located on a website is a powerful tool.
Word Press allows you to easily blog.
1. Use your blog to demonstrate your expertise.
Blogging is a way to demonstrate your knowledge of
a subject of interest to your visitors. Once you
clearly define your target market, your blog
enables you to share new insights, stories, news,
advice, tips and other helpful details. A blog has
become a way to talk about the things that you are
interested in and the services you offer.
2. Use your blog to provide fresh content to help
with your search engine ranking.
Websites tend to be static, whereas a blog can be
changed as often as you like. Some people blog
daily; others blog 2-3 times a week or less.
Search engines thrive on fresh information. A blog
that contains strategically placed keywords in the
blog title and body helps draw search engine
3. Use your blog to express your personality.
Your blog opens up a channel of conversation with
your visitors. Take a stand; state an opinion on a
hot topic in your niche. Encourage comments and
feedback. A blog can provide this forum.
4. Use a blog to create content.
Multi-purposing content is a concept that makes
sense for busy people. Harvest blog content for
tweets, books, articles, white papers, videos and
more. When you take the time to create content
that has value, think of other ways you can share
that information. Learning styles vary. Some
people want to read it, some people want to hear
it and others want to participate with it.
5. Use your blog to connect with others.
Other people in your niche will read your blog,
share your ideas, and link to your blog. This will
help to spread your ideas far beyond your close
circles. Your quality content will travel through
the social media world and gain you more visitors
and higher search engine rankings. It all starts
with a blog post!
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